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2020 vision: Women to the front!

With 2020 firmly underway (can’t believe it’s February already!), we’ve been talking to some of our crew about things they’re looking forward to in the year ahead and loved Kate’s response so we just had to share it!

We’ve shared details about SpeakEasy before, our internal networking group that’s dedicated to bringing the ladies of BetEasy together to connect, network and celebrate being Women in Wagering. Men are of course also welcome! We have some amazing female talent throughout BetEasy and can’t wait to see what they achieve in 2020.

This video kicks off a new series we’ll be featuring that shares raw, unscripted, off-the-cuff snapshots into what our crew thinks and feels about their roles, their teams and life at BetEasy. “BetEasy Uncut” if you will! They really are a true reflection of how life is at BetEasy.

If there’s anything you’d like to know more about so feel free to send through a comment via the Contact page.

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